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Salon Studio Rental Fredericksburg VA

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Salon Studio Rental Fredericksburg VA
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Salon Studio Amenities

Salon Studio Rental Fredericksburg VA

Spacious Studios

We offer three studio sizes so you can have the space you need to grow your business! Each comes equipped with your own shampoo bowl, chair, and wet bar so you can provide your clients with the best service.

Salon Studio Rental Fredericksburg VA

Safe Workspace

Your safety is our highest priority. Enjoy the peace of mind of a 24/7 securely locked entrance. A convenient unlock button allows you to provide entry for your clients from the comfort of your studio.

Salon Studio Rental Fredericksburg VA

Free Laundry

With our on-site laundry, you have the convenience of washing your towels and capes without worrying about counting quarters.

Salon Studio Rental Fredericksburg VA

Utilities Included

All utilities are included in your rent from electricity to water to the state-of-the-art air filtration in every room!

Salon Studio Rental Fredericksburg VA

Owner's Lounge

Our owner's lounge features comfortable seating and kitchen amenities for when you need a break in your day!

Salon Studio Rental Fredericksburg VA

Waiting Area

The front waiting area has comfortable seating and a coffee bar to round out your

guest's experience.

Salon Studio Rental Fredericksburg VA

Photo Station

We have set up the perfect photo area with tons of natural light so you and your clients can document every beauty moment!

Salon Studio Rental Fredericksburg VA

Online Booking

Our app and online booking system will help you to stay on top of your schedule and

client needs!

Salon Studio Rental Fredericksburg VA

Personal Onboarding

The salon leadership team is ready to personally guide you through setting up your business for success!


Tenant Testimonials

Salon Studio Rental Fredericksburg VA

Everything has just fallen into place! My clients have absolutely loved my move to Finesse! They love that it's private and the feeling of having the studio to themselves. They also love the facility and just gush over how beautiful everything is and how well designed it is. I would highly recommend switching to Finesse because, why not? Since working independently, I work half the hours I used to in a commissioned salon, and on average, I take home 70% or more after rent and supplies. There’s also a huge sense of pride and accomplishment in being self-employed. I get to spend so much more time outside of work with my family. I'm in complete control of when I want to work, what my time is worth, and what products I want to use. It's complete freedom to live the life you've always dreamed of. The sky is the limit!

I fell in love with Finesse Salon Studios the moment I walked through the doors. Finesse is beautiful, modern, and spacious! Finesse provided the exact atmosphere that I wanted for myself and my clients. There are many benefits that I’ve experienced moving to Finesse. The move in process was so smooth thanks to our super supportive, helpful, and responsive manager, Mr. Richards. At Finesse I am able to provide my clients with a professional, comfortable, and inspiring environment and experience; 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The other suite owners are amazing, I feel a part of a team yet have freedom to be an individual and can let my creativity shine. I love having a studio in Finesse!! My clients absolutely love my new studio! They love the cleanliness, the boho decor, and privacy. Some of my clients see my suite as a place of refuge, where they can have peace, laughter, and positive vibes all while getting beautiful.

Salon Studio Rental Fredericksburg VA

After three years of experience as an esthetician and working for others, being my own boss inspired me to move to Finesse.

Moving into Finesse has been a wonderful and rewarding experience for me! Jason has been a huge help with giving me the tools I need to start my own business!

My clients love my new studio! They say it’s so spacious and relaxing to be in!

After working from home for the past 10 years, I was looking for a space that was private and comfortable for my clients. Finesse Salon Studios is the most spacious workspace I've seen in the area. The lobby area, the break room and free laundry facility are all game changers. My clients love the facility too and that's especially important for business.

Salon Studio Rental Fredericksburg VA
Salon Studio Rental Fredericksburg VA

I chose finesse because the building is so welcoming from the moment you enter. The spacious studios & modern look made it an obvious choice for me.


Since owning a studio at Finesse, my clientele has increased because all of the people that come to the building for other services & notice me when they enter.

This space has been so great to begin building my facial business! Every time I have a first time client, they say "oh wow, this is so nice!" The room is wonderful for my needs and the salon studio itself is always clean and welcoming.

Salon Studio Rental Fredericksburg VA
Finesse Salon Studios

Finesse Salon Studios was a great choice to start my business and help elevate and solidify my presence as an owner. Jason is amazing he's given me the space to be self-creative. I love it here and my clients do too.


Download the Finesse Salon Studios App

We have made it easy for you to interact with your clients through our Finesse Salon Studios App! With the Finesse App, you can book appointments, communicate with your clients, confirm bookings, accept payments, and more through our secure and easy-to-use platform. You can download the app today through the links below!

Salon Studio Rental Fredericksburg VA
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